Sunday, April 20, 2008

Self taught - Katherine Arnoldi (click here to access her site)

"I started to do yoga in 1972. I was living in Arizona under very
difficult circumstances (see The Amazing True Story of a Teenage
Single Mom (Hyperion, 1998)). I was a battered woman, trapped and
unable to leave until I could get the money for a bus ticket out. In
the meantime, I went to the local library and discovered some very old
books about yoga. I followed the drawings and photographs and taught
myself a yoga routine and read everything on the philosophy. I
especially remember a book called Beyond Yoga. Finally I was able to
escape, I felt in part because of the strength I gained both
physically and mentally. It was then, as I was on the road, that I had
a spiritual experience that has sustained me ever since. Later I took
a yoga class in college and I still have my own practice and take
class from many different disciplines."

Katherine Arnoldi, New York City
author, The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom, a graphic
novel (Hyperion, 1998) and All Things Are Labor, stories (University
of Massachusetts Press, 2007)